Rocking-Chair Wisdom
from Three Old Guys

A Podcast for People in Their Golden Years

A wise person once said, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” At Camp Codger, we may be getting older, but we still have a lot to say about everything from senior-citizen stoners to how to teach old dogs new tricks. Our Camp Counselors (also known as old codgers) will make you laugh, occasionally inspire you, and sometimes offer insights into this crazy, shared experience called the “Golden Years”.


Improve Memory and Brain Health

Improve memory and brain health with these tips for seniors. How sharp is your memory? Do you sometimes forget things? Is your mind as sharp as it used to...

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Things We Love About Getting Old

The things we love about getting old include senior discounts, social security checks, grandkids, taking walks, and afternoon naps. A couple of weeks ago, we did a Camp Codger...

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Jimmy Buffett Tribute

A Jimmy Buffett Tribute to His Songs, Music, Parrotheads, and Margaritaville Charm. Jimmy Buffett was a singer, songwriter, and a much-loved entertainer. His stadium concerts, filled with his adoring...

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Things We Hate About Getting Old

Yes, there are some things we hate about getting old. A wise person once said, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” It’s true that there are things we hate about...

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Declutter Your Home with Julie Coraccio

Learn how to declutter your home with Julie Coraccio, a professional organizer. It seems like we all have too much stuff. After decades of collecting more and more possessions,...

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Y2K the Year 2000

Remember Y2K and the year 2000? It wasn’t that long ago. But you might have forgotten exactly what happed in the news that year. The co-hosts of Camp Codger,...

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