Rocking-Chair Wisdom
from Three Old Guys

A Podcast for People in Their Golden Years

A wise person once said, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” At Camp Codger, we may be getting older, but we still have a lot to say about everything from senior citizen stoners to how to teach old dogs new tricks. Our Camp Counselors (also known as old codgers) will make you laugh, occasionally inspire you, and sometimes offer insights into this crazy, shared experience called the “Golden Years”.


Happy Hour with the Codger Wives

Happy hour with the codger wives is always a fun way to relax after a rigorous day of investigating snowbird life. During a round of whiskey sours, the old...

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ChatGPT and Seniors

ChatGPT and seniors drive this week’s discussion. It’s everywhere in the media and we wonder if it’s hype or if it is something people in their golden years should...

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Codger Snowbirds

Codger snowbirds? Us? You betcha! We’re off for a short visit to Arizona to join our fellow senior citizens in a game of pickleball, a dip in the pool,...

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Classic TV of the 50s and 60s

Classic TV of the 50s and 60s included shows ranging from I Love Lucy to Bonanza to The Ed Sullivan Show. Many of the genres such as sitcoms, dramas,...

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Seniors and Volunteering

Seniors and volunteering can seem tightly coupled. After all, who else has the free time that is available to most retired senior citizens? We also like the idea of...

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The Old Codgers vs ChatGPT?

The old codgers vs ChatGPT? It’s certainly not the battle of the century. In fact, it’s just the old counselors at Camp Codger asking for your assistance. Listen to...

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