Camp Granny with Sharon Lovejoy

Camp Granny: A Conversation with Author, Sharon Lovejoy.

Sharon Lovejoy is a successful author, illustrator, speaker, and shop owner. But her most notable role is that of being a “granny”. She takes grandparenting to a new level, reminding us that spending quality time with your grandchildren is the best gift you can give them.

Sharon Lovejoy is the ultimate Camp Granny to her grandkids. She knows how to be the “fun” grandmother. And in her interview with the hosts of Camp Codger, she shares lots of activities and projects that grandmothers and grandfathers can do with their grandkids.

camp granny sharon lovejoy

Sharon Lovejoy on Camp Granny

In her book, Camp Granny, Sharon offers grandparents (and parents, too) tips on dozens of projects to both entertain and teach your grandchildren about the world they live in. In addition to dozens of outdoor activities, she also provides guidance on projects in the kitchen. Plus, lots of tips on appealing to the creative sides of children.

Sharon’s inventive ideas focus on satisfying the natural curiosity of children and their sense of adventure. From leaf rubbings to gardening to making Moon Pizzas, she has activity for every grandchild.

camp granny

On Being a Fun Grandparent

In the introduction to her book, Camp Granny, Sharon Lovejoy writes: “Running a successful Camp Granny isn’t about having a giant flat-screen television with 300 channels, a big swimming pool, or the latest computer games. It is about the time you share with your grandchild.” Making memories is a gift that will endure for a lifetime.

Sharon’s wealth of ideas include backyard campouts and a “dress-up drawer” filled with costumes for the grandkids. She keeps a stash of old games like pick-up sticks and Old Maid. She uses large mayonnaise jars (that she gets free from local restaurants) and makes time capsules with the grandkids.

The Camp Granny with Sharon Lovejoy episode of Camp Codger is filled with so many great ideas. You may need to listen to it twice!

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4 comments on “Camp Granny with Sharon Lovejoy

  1. MegMeg Crockett says:

    Love this, want the book! Sharon, why do you never discuss any of this on your Facebook page?

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks for the comment which we will forward to Sharon.

  2. Carole says:

    Delightful. I keep a copy of Camp Granny on my bedside table.

  3. Wonderful and informative show. I am getting the book for sure. Thank you.

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