Codger Retirement Stories

This week, the codgers tell their retirement stories. Did they retire at 65? Retirement planning, new hobbies, how to enjoy retirement, and more.

If you’re a subscriber to Camp Codger, you already know about the survey we emailed last week. We asked subscribers to tell us which topics they wanted to hear about on the Camp Codger podcast. Retirement was one of the top choices. As a result, we’re going to do more shows on the theme of retirement.

We’re launching our retirement-themed shows with Codger Retirement Stories. It’s a candid discussion where co-hosts Randy Schultz, Gary Ebersole, and Richard Kipling talk about their retirement journeys so far. Listen to this episode to hear how three smart old guys are navigating the change from full time employment to blissful retirement.

happy retired woman at fitness class

Retire at 65?

One of the biggest questions each of us must ask is, “When should I retire?” The classic model of working for three or four decades and then retiring at age 65 is no longer the only option. Now, more and more seniors are choosing to ease into retirement. Going from full-time employment to full retirement is simply too big a change for many people to make in one day.

That’s why you should listen to Randy’s story about how his father’s retirement went. His father got the proverbial gold watch and the warm handshake one Friday. Then, the following Monday, he was totally unprepared for his new life as a retiree.

Yes, many people are forced to deal with the “retirement decision” abruptly–in the case of a job loss or other event at work. But thankfully, there are many options that enable a more gradual path toward retirement.

Surprising Facts About Retirement

The average age of retirement in the United States is 66. That’s up from 60 in the 1990s. This increase in retirement age is probably due to our increasing lifespans. According to Social Security actuarial tables, a 70-year-old man in America can expect to live an average of 15.4 more years. We’re living longer than ever, which means we’re likely to be retired for more years than ever before.

Maybe that’s why none of the Camp Codger co-hosts rushed into retirement. Gary, age 75, is the only one who admits to being retired. Richard, age 79, does not use the word “retired” to describe himself. And Randy, the youngster of the group at 69, is easing into retirement by deliberately working less each year.

The details of their personal retirement stories and journeys are fascinating, so listen to this episode to hear all the details.

two old retired codgers knitting

Codger Retirement Stories: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Retirement is supposed to make us happy, right? We’re all supposed to LOVE sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, going fishing and not catching any fish, and taking a painting class at the local community college so we can create museum-quality artwork in our golden years. Isn’t that the stereotype of what retirement should be?

What if retirement in the 21st century doesn’t look like that? What if today’s seniors are making other choices–such as volunteering at a local nonprofit organization or learning a new technical skill. Or, even taking up a gender-breaking hobby like knitting or car maintenance?

The truth is, your retirement can be anything you want it to be! And you’re going to love this discussion on how to transition into retirement–and what to do once you’re there.

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1 comment on “Codger Retirement Stories

  1. Judy Henry says:

    I never liked the word Retirement. I love the Spanish word for Retirement which is Jubilar….A person who is retired is called a jubilado…. Sounds joyful, doesn’t it? I liked to call my retirement a transformation of my life.
    One thing I knew, is that I wasn’t going to MOVE somewhere else. I couldn’t; imagine leaving where I live for somewhere else… Part of that might be because I’m single…but I think it is also because I really enjoy where I live,
    I never worked full time, anyway, so when I did stop working my JOB, I had other things I already enjoyed doing in my spare time…and continued that.
    I did think that when I stopped working I was going to have to have someone call me everyday to tell me how wonderful I was! My job as a nurse gave me such joy and appreciation from my clients that I was sort of concerned about my identity… Turns out, I had no problem with knowing my worth after I transformed from a worker bee to a not working bee!

    My father retired after at least 45 years working in international banking…he and my mother, who was a Bank Wife (entertaining was big) and a great mother, moved to Florida where my grandparents had moved when they came back from China Post WW2. Daddy went full speed into Church volunteering…, he became President of the local Dartmouth alumni group, and when he went blind he became head of the local Blind Society…..Coo;l parents,. Great grandparents, and wonderful role models.

    Thanks for Camp Codger to let me get these thoughts on paper! Judy

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