Codger Snowbirds

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Codger snowbirds? Us? You betcha! We’re off for a short visit to Arizona to join our fellow senior citizens in a game of pickleball, a dip in the pool, and hikes in the warm sunshine. Surprisingly enough, even Gary decided that being a snowbird had its good sides. Randy came to that conclusion long ago and Richard has emerged as a confirmed “sunbird”. The old codgers appreciated the opportunity to get away from the snow for a few days as they investigate what it means to be a snowbird.

What they discovered being codger snowbirds was a lifestyle that reminded them of the freedom of their golden years. Take a walk, enjoy time with friends, and just be warm. Not a bad way to spend a few days in late winter. The guys are already planning next year’s trip to snowbird country. And apologies to our Canadian snowbird friends. We love you but just couldn’t help ourselves.

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