Codger Wives

In this “holiday special” episode, we introduce the codger wives who have become a regular part of the podcast as we mention them often during our episodes. Patti, Alison, and Bee share a little about themselves and tell us what they like about the podcast. They also make excellent suggestions about topics we might cover in future episodes. So, join us in the last episode of the year to meet the codger wives. The old codgers are in complete agreement that these lovely women are our much better halves.

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2 comments on “Codger Wives

  1. Patricia says:

    Great episode! Wonderful to hear from the women of Codger Land! Very thought provoking point made by Alison re retirement! I think that is something I will take on board and share with friends! A recently retired friend told me that she wants to take up hobbies (painting, sculpting – she isn’t sure what yet) but she was told it would take her 6 months of depression; depression caused as having come from a highly successful career she would have trouble not being good at something … and to plan for 6 months of frustration/depression … I thought this was excellent intel. Thanks Codger team for all your insights! xx

  2. Wow how fun to hear from your life partners. Bee it was fun to hear you.

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