Has Amazon Ruined Holiday Shopping?

You might be right if you think Amazon has ruined holiday season shopping. Or not.

Holiday season shopping used to mean going downtown or to the shopping mall to buy Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for friends and family. But now, Amazon and online shopping have made buying gifts from your smart phone or laptop computer so easy.

On this episode of the Camp Codger podcast, the three Camp Counselors talk about memories of holiday season shopping way back in the 20th century. And they discuss the benefits of shopping now in the comfort of home while dressed in your bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. Which way is better?

Option One: Amazon Ruined the Holiday Shopping Experience

If you ask co-hosts Randy Schultz or Richard Kipling, it’s clear that Amazon shopping doesn’t offer the same warm, fuzzy feeling as shopping in a mall with Christmas carols and holiday music playing in the background. “I love to go shopping in stores to get a full dose of the holiday season experience,” says Schultz. “For me, the holiday season hasn’t really begun until I have immersed myself in some old-fashioned holiday shopping.”

Richard Kipling agrees. He has fond memories of walking the streets in Pasadena, California, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas holiday shopping. There is definitely something wonderful about the sensory experience of holiday shopping at stores.

has amazon ruined holiday shopping

Option Two: Amazon Makes Gift Buying So Much Easier

Fans of the Camp Codger podcast can probably predict how co-host Gary Ebersole feels about shopping for holiday gifts online. “I love Amazon!” says Ebersole. “I love Amazon shopping as much as I hate shopping at ‘brick and mortar’ stores!”

Yep. Gary has been called a Christmas Grinch. But he is actually just really efficient when it comes to shopping. He doesn’t need to touch or examine the merchandise. Gary doesn’t need a dose of Christmas carols on the store’s sound system. He just wants to buy the items on his list and be done.

Let’s face it, Amazon and other online stores offer what may be the most efficient way to shop that’s ever been invented. Has Amazon ruined holiday shopping? No! Amazon made holiday shopping (and basically any shopping) SO MUCH BETTER!

Option Three: Go to Stores and Do Holiday Shopping on Amazon!

Truth be told, many of us still like holiday shopping in stores for some items. And we also love the convenience of online shopping. Especially when it comes to shipping! You don’t have the wrap the gifts. Or stand in line at the post office to ship them! What a time saver!

Today, you can shop however you want to. And that can make holiday shopping a whole lot less stressful.

seniors at a holiday Christmas party

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

There is a lot of joy and laughter in this episode of Camp Codger. We guarantee it will get you into the holiday spirit. Listen to this episode with family members or friends to get a jump-start on the holiday season!

It’s OK whether you think that Amazon ruined holiday shopping or you think online shopping is a fantastic convenience. We at Camp Codger wish you and yours a fabulous holiday season. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanza! Fantastic Festivus!

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1 comment on “Has Amazon Ruined Holiday Shopping?

  1. JudithHenry says:

    What about the sears catalog that many people remember choosing presents from?
    Christmas was a wonderful time for my family,and one of the cool things was that my father would get many many business presents, so we didn’t worry about him too much. The goal was to have huge amounts of presents under the tree.
    The few times we were in New York City we had wonderful times with all the incredible store decorations. One time my sisters and I met at my sisters apartment in NYC for Christmas and up until Christmas Eve we were buying extra presents for our boyfriends who joined us, we still wanted a huge Amount of,presents under the tree.
    Malls were no where near us in the 60s.
    Now, Amazon plays a part…Mainly I think about Christmas all year long, and gather presents as the year goes on..
    Mainly I use quick Amazon ordering for myself! Not for other people! Christmas is my attempt to think about my family and friends….and give silly , homemade cards.

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