Lifelong Gardening with Toni Gattone

We discuss lifelong gardening with Toni Gattone, Master Gardener. Toni is the author of a book called The Lifelong Gardener: Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age and an award-winning speaker. She is also a business entrepreneur who sells ergonomic gardening tools from her Resilient Gardener Online Store. You can learn more about Toni on her website.

In our conversation with Toni, we focus on practical advice for adaptive gardening by senior citizens. In her book and on our podcast, Toni offers a host of solutions that make it possible for senior citizens to continue gardening well into their golden years. As she explains, it’s all about adapting your gardening to your age. The proper, high-quality tools, recognizing obvious high-risk safety issues, and simply acknowledging your limitations can keep older gardeners doing what they love well into their 80s. Don’t let getting older keep you from the gardening you love to do. Listen to this lifelong gardening with Toni Gattone episode and get inspired.

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2 comments on “Lifelong Gardening with Toni Gattone

  1. Roger Smith says:

    Great episode. Richard was terrific on Harry Belafonte, and the gardening tips were most welcome.

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks, Roger. It was fun (and informative) chatting with Toni and Richard does a nice obit. Once a newspaperman, always a newspaperman.

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