Movies for Seniors

Movies for seniors is a fun topic. Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie now and then? But not every movie is a good fit for our entertainment choices as we grow older. No doubt there are lots of senior citizens who still love a good action film. Other folks in their golden years lean more toward lower-key movies.

In this episode, the old codgers look back at some films that attracted them when they were younger. After this short side trip down memory lane, they return to recommending contemporary movies for seniors. The codgers all agree there is a lot out there to watch and managed to come up with some good suggestions. Surprisingly, there were no duplicates on the old codger’s list of recommendations. As we were fond of saying when we were young, different strokes for different folks and the guys are definitely different.

Do you have recommendations for movies for seniors? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and we’ll pass them on to our listeners. In addition, every person who comments gets a free Camp Codger bumper sticker declaring I’m not old. I’m vintage.

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2 comments on “Movies for Seniors

  1. jack turner says:

    Movie for seniors: “Lucky” from 2017 with Harry Dean Stanton playing a man in his declining years. No great late life feats, just a graceful acceptance.

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Great suggestion, Jack. And 97% on the ‘tomatometer’. I’m going to watch it and remind our listeners about this gem.

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