Old Dogs New Tricks

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Old dogs new tricks? Is it realistic? The old codgers discuss old folks that have learned new things. They also make a feeble attempt at understanding the science behind learning in senior citizens (serious neuroscience is a “trick” way beyond their pay grade). Science be damned, they optimistically conclude that it seems quite feasible that there are a few new tricks in their future. After all, these three old guys taught themselves how to record, produce, and publish a podcast. And there are boatloads of their senior citizen cohorts committed to learning new things as they get older. Old dogs new tricks? You bet!

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5 comments on “Old Dogs New Tricks

  1. Patricia says:

    Thanks for this episode… Great intel re exercise! Gives one even more reason to get into a good exercise regime.

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks for listening. Glad we can be an inspiration.

  2. Marjorie says:

    As an “old Dame”, I’m introducing my neuroreceptors to a new language. The struggle is “slow and steady”. Also, thinking of ways to challenge my “not so young body”. Exploring some dance exercise videos. Who knows?

  3. jack turner says:

    If our brain is still in gear, I believe we can learn to do anything we want. If we have the desire and motivation, a couple of ounces of confidence (like in sports) goes a long way too. I do know what you mean about learning something new without time left to become “great” at it, that’s why maybe pickleball is a better choice than guitar.
    PICKLEBALL: I know what you mean Gary: it’s the newest fad like kale was a couple of years ago.
    At least you don’t have to massage your pickleball (lookout!!!)
    About neurons and brain connections (wherever they are located): reminds me of that movie “What The (bleep) Do We Know”

  4. Marcia LaValle says:

    Great episode. You guys crack me up. Your sense of humor adds to the discussion. Nice balance. I really appreciate the research reference regarding our brains. Hello Gary. Sorry it took me so long to listen to your podcast. I already have 2 friends I know will enjoy it. I will pass on the address to them. Keep coming with new episodes! Hugs Marcia

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