Seniors and Pets

Seniors and pets go together. Survey data shows that over half of folks in their golden years have pets. However, there are pros and cons to pet ownership. As owners know, there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog, but having a pet has downsides. As we get older, sometimes just the simple act of caring for a pet can seem overwhelming. For many, the costs can seem prohibitive with expensive vet bills. And the logistics of finding pet care for active senior citizens who travel frequently can be a challenge.

As the old codgers explore seniors and pets, they recount their experiences sharing their lives with dogs and cats. Mostly, they all agree having pets is a positive thing even with the caveats. Randy tells us all about Baxter, his best non-human friend. We were lucky enough to meet Baxter last year. Fortunately, Randy is the youngest codger who is better equipped to deal with a very big, high-energy dog like Baxter.

In this episode, the guys mention a couple of websites that can help with the challenge of finding pet care while traveling. Randy recommends, a market leader in offering petsitting options. Gary offers up Trusted Housesitters, an interesting free alternative that connects people looking for a petsitter with folks willing to sit at no cost in exchange for travel housing.

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5 comments on “Seniors and Pets

  1. Randy Schultz says:

    Hello, listeners! I hope you enjoyed the Seniors and Pets episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. Our pets enrich our lives, and once they have joined the family it’s hard to imagine life without them. By popular demand, I will post a photo of Baxter the Labradoodle on the Camp Codger Facebook page. In fact, I will post one of his coolest poses ever. Pets rule!

    1. Bee zollo says:


  2. Betsy Lombardi says:

    My greatest retirement gift to myself was a puppy. Now that Jambo is three years old, she and I have earned accreditation with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Jambo and I are a pet therapy team, enjoying weekly visits with residents at a local assisted living facility. Many elders who have been dog-lovers all of their lives can no longer care for a pet and are thrilled to have Jambo sit with them. They pet her and talk with me. All of us benefit!

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      A triple win, Betsy!! Jambo, the folks you visit, and yourself.

  3. Roger Smith says:

    I am one episode behind, so please excuse this late comment. I have a tip for codgers contemplating getting a dog: get a codger dog! Older dogs are housebroken, usually desperately in need of a home, and are deeply grateful for you adopting them. You may encounter some vet bills, but you won’t be spending $$$ at a breeder. Our lab mix Goldie was picked up off the streets of downtown Los Angeles by rescue group. I can’t fathom how she was abandoned, but now I can’t imagine life without her.

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