Seniors and Volunteering

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Seniors and volunteering can seem tightly coupled. After all, who else has the free time that is available to most retired senior citizens? We also like the idea of “giving back” to the communities that nurtured us as we were earning a living and raising our families seems good. But is it for everybody? The old codgers admit that they have not been the most active volunteers for a variety of reasons. Gary even confesses to just not being the volunteering type.

In this episode, the guys discuss whether it’s time for them to revisit the idea of volunteering. Gary explains what he thinks is a “volunteering type” while Richard reminds us that folks in his profession of journalism were often discouraged from volunteering. As they drill down into the topic of seniors and volunteering, they return to the idea of giving back, a common feeling held by many senior citizens.

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1 comment on “Seniors and Volunteering

  1. jack turner says:

    Good show!
    For me, it’s important to work with the recipients of the help (feeding the people) rather than the auxiliary functions (ex, stocking the shelves with other volunteers)–yes, it’s more of a feel good for me; which helps me get out there in the first place. I’m like Gary, I need a good cattle prod to get motivated.

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