The Golden Bachelor and Senior Dating

How a Prime Time TV show called The Golden Bachelor has brought Senior Dating into the Spotlight.

If you haven’t heard about The Golden Bachelor show on ABC-TV, you don’t watch television. Or surf the Internet, or read newspapers. It seems everybody over the age of 60 is talking about The Golden Bachelor.

Seemingly overnight, America is aware that there are older people (senior citizens!) who are in their 60s and 70s who are single and looking for love. There are old folks who are actively looking for companionship and relationships.

In this episode of the Camp Codger podcast, co-hosts Randy Schultz and Richard Kipling keep the senior dating discussion going with a great conversation with Hoyt Prisock, host of the podcast Behind the Swipe.

Hoyt Prisock, Host of the Behind the Swipe podcast

The Golden Bachelor

A Camp Codger podcast episode about senior dating has been in the planning queue for several months. But the launch of The Golden Bachelor TV show on ABC, and then connecting with senior dating podcast host Hoyt Prisock moved this topic to the top of our list.

Gerry (pronounced Gary) Turner, is the perfect choice for TV’s first “golden bachelor.” He’s TV handsome, and his back story is perfect. He married his high school sweetheart, and stayed married to her for more than 40 years until her death 6 years ago. He’s ready to find the next love of his life. And he’s totally charming.

Of course, the “bachelorettes” are glamorous TV material. But this time, they are age appropriate for a 72-year-old bachelor. This show provides plenty of encouragement for other seniors who are ready to start dating again.

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR – ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor” stars Gerry Turner. (ABC/Brian Bowen Smith)

Senior Dating

The Golden Bachelor TV show is great fun. But for most of us who aren’t on a TV show about senior dating, getting back into the dating game as a single senior can be a real challenge. As a matter of fact, all three of the Camp Codger hosts have been in that situation. That’s why we wanted to share our experiences and insights.

Our special guest on this show, Hoyt Prisock of the Behind the Swipe podcast, has also traveled the “dating later in life” path. On this episode, we talk about senior dating, including how to use online dating apps safely. Indeed, online dating has become a baseline for seniors who want to restart their dating lives. We’re sure you will enjoy this episode, no matter what your relationship status is.

Online dating for seniors

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2 comments on “The Golden Bachelor and Senior Dating

  1. Roger Smith says:

    Hi Guys, welcome back. Richard, I hope you and Alison have great weather on your trip back to Sante Fe. Regarding the latest podcast on senior dating, I have a piece of advice I picked up from Steve Lopez, one of your previous guests. Steve was in Palm Springs doing some reporting on senior dating at a popular senior dating/pickup bar called The Nest. He asked one veteran of the scene for guidance. “Don’t be a nurse, don’t be a purse, “ came the reply. Words to date by!

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      Thanks, Roger. Gotta love the comment Steve picked up during his reporting on senior dating. It’s a classic!

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