Things We Hate About Getting Old

Yes, there are some things we hate about getting old.

A wise person once said, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” It’s true that there are things we hate about getting old. (And there are also things we love. But that’s the topic for a future episode of the Camp Codger podcast.)

This week, we take a look at the downside of getting older. But, as we often do, we find a lot of humor in our aging. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves and admit that there is plenty of laughter in our little rants about the things we hate about getting old.

I Hate Rap Music!

Gary gets things started with his “I hate rap music” rant. Yes, all three of the hosts of Camp Codger (Gary, Richard, and Randy) admit that the “finer points” of rap music totally escape them. There’s no melody. Everyone seems so angry. It all sounds the same.

Perhaps we were too old when rap music arrived on the scene. We were already big fans of what is now called Classic Rock, and we weren’t about to embrace the new music of the younger folks. But still. Is rap music really music? And why is it so popular? Gary just doesn’t like it. And neither do Richard and Randy.

More Things We Hate About Getting Old

Randy opened this show with a look back at Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech from 60 years ago. That triggered Richard’s comments about how younger people don’t know about many of the major events of the late 20th Century. “It’s vexing to think that events that were so big to you are not even on the radar of so many younger people.”

Amen, Richard.

reading glasses things we hate about getting old

Randy picked a much smaller thing to be peeved about: reading glasses. “I’ve been reading for my entire life, and now I can’t even read a text on my iPhone without putting on a pair of reading glasses!”

All three of the co-hosts could relate to this lament. Randy admits to having pairs of reading glasses stashed in virtually every room of his house. Gary revealed that he resorted to wearing his reading glasses on a chain around his neck. Yes, he looks like an old librarian from 50 years ago.

Is Getting Old Really So Difficult?

We were going to call this episode 10 Things We Have About Getting Old. But then we came up with more than 10 things.

So, yes. There really is a lot to talk about when the topic is things you don’t like about getting older.

Listen to this episode to find out what the codgers have to say about getting old. Just click on the “Play Episode” triangle above. And after you’ve heard the episode, please leave a comment about the things you really hate about getting old.

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1 comment on “Things We Hate About Getting Old

  1. Jack turner says:

    Sure it’s great to be able to carry an up-to-date encyclopedia in the palm of my hand, plus all the other advantages of modern tech, but the frustrations with navigating all the systems with all their f*****g passwords and gobbledygook requests is MORE than frustrating—at least for an old Luddite.
    And what’s with this “no cash” trend? I used to think that American society headed downhill when they started putting clothing labels and logos on the outside, but “no cash”?

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