What Can ChatGPT Do for Seniors?

Want to know what ChatGPT can do for seniors? We had the same question.

You might remember our first show about ChatGPT that we posted a few months ago. (On March 22, 2023, to be exact.) That was when ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence program, or AI for short) had just be released to the public.

Back then, we took an in-depth look at all the hype surrounding ChatGPT. We examined what this artificial intelligence (AI) tool could do–and not do. We also discussed the possible dangers of AI in general.

What we (the humble hosts of the Camp Codger podcast: Gary Ebersole, Richard Kipling, and Randy Schultz) found out was ChatGPT wasn’t really ready for prime time. It made mistakes. Stupid mistakes. (The bio it wrote about Richard said he had died in 2015!) And the ChatGPT database only went up to 2021.

robot not ChatGPT
This is NOT what ChatGPT looks like.

So, What Can ChatGPT Do for Seniors?

In this episode, we focus on what ChatGPT can do for seniors. Can it be a valuable tool, in the same way that Google is a valuable tool? Can ChatGPT actually make life better or easier for seniors?

We started by asking ChatGPT to explain what it can do for seniors. It gave us a short list:

  1. Support with daily tasks, such as reminders for medication and appointments
  2. Solving cognitive exercises to help maintain agility
  3. Social interaction through conversation and storytelling
  4. Healthcare information about health conditions and treatments
  5. Emergency situations, such as integration with smart home devices
  6. Learning new skills including technology and new hobbies
  7. Mental health support and emotional support

That’s a pretty good list. But it’s important to remember that ChatGPT and other AI tools are not a replacement for human care and attention. ChatGPT is a tool that can supplement care and make life easier and more enjoyable for older adults.

Here’s What ChatGPT Did for Us

Randy asked ChatGPT to tell him a joke about seniors. In seconds, ChatGPT generated a joke about playing golf in heaven. (It’s actually a funny joke–listen to this episode to hear it.)

We got ChatGPT to suggest how to find a home healthcare aide, and it gave us a pretty good list.

Because this technology quickly provides complete answers in seconds, ChatGPT and other similar AI technology is easy to use. And you can rephrase your request and ask for additional information if the first answer is insufficient.

Basically, the Camp Codger co-hosts are optimistic about how this new technology can be helpful in the lives of seniors.

senior woman at laptop computer

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2 comments on “What Can ChatGPT Do for Seniors?

  1. Mike Agrelius says:

    I enjoyed the ChatGPT podcast — especially the joke. Looking forward to more of both. – Mike Agrelius

  2. Jack Turner says:

    I would like to ask Chat what would be the best way to take care of the homeless problem, taking into consideration the interests of all involved.

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