What Happened in 1980

What happened in 1980? According to Gary, not much.

But that’s not a fair measure of what happened in that year. At our age, we know all too well that every year can be eventful. For some, the 1980 presidential election was the most meaningful event of the year. Incumbent Jimmy Carter was defeated by the Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan.

what happened in 1980

John Lennon is Gone

For many of us early boomers, the most memorable event was John Lennon’s assassination on the streets of New York in December of that year. Lennon and the Beatles were the voice of our generation, and his loss represented the end of an era.

Miracle on Ice

Sports fans will remember 1980 for the stunning upset of the Russian hockey team by the young U.S.A. team of amateurs. These kids went on to win a gold medal in the 1980 Olympics.

What Else Happened in 1980?

For auto enthusiasts, the U.S. auto industry reached rock bottom with the introduction of the K-car from Chrysler. Was there ever a blander, less inspiring car than this design disaster? We can’t forget about natural disasters such as the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington or the Iranian hostage crisis which effectively ended Carter’s presidency.

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