What the Heck is the Metaverse?

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Randy and Richard turn to Gary, the resident geek at Camp Codger, for answers about the metaverse. They really want to know what it is and whether they and our listeners should care. Is it just hype or something that might be important to us in our golden years?

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7 comments on “What the Heck is the Metaverse?

  1. Marjorie says:

    I’m going to be with Randy, across the street
    Overwhelming subject.
    Frankly my dear, ………….,,,,,,,,,,….!

  2. Ken Ford says:

    I appreciate the recognition for my Dad’s ‘strength’ in tearing up a phone book with his bare hands! I will note that it wasn’t just any phone book but the Boston area one that was a good 3 inches or so thick. Anyways, I love your podcast and enjoy how it makes me think and reflect back on the many memories that formed my life.

  3. Judy Henry says:

    The Meta Verse seems to be another dreadful way to hook sucesptible , unsuspecting, innocent people , mainly young children , into having their brains go Gaga over colorful action games which seduce them into spending their parents money .
    My 8 year old grandson is round eye fascinated in Alien shooting contests and almost got me to give my Apple ID to pay for an “upgrade”. Yikes.

  4. Alison Sowden says:

    I think that there are some applications that the Metaverse might serve and serve well. Have you considered that there are people who are not active, like yourselves? They might be housebound with illness or disability. Imagine a lifelong traveler who finds themselves bedridden; then imagine how the metaverse might enable them to see their favorite sights again through some technological portal. I think that consigning the metaverse to gaming or to Mark Zuckerberg is too constraining. I suspect that there are applications to improving the lives of people that we’ve not even imagined. Just my two cents!

    1. Gary Ebersole says:

      A good point, Alison. My personal reluctance to wearing a VR headset and headphones for metaverse experiences may not reflect everybody, but unlike our grandchildren (even children), we didn’t grow up with immersive video games. We matured in the physical world and, for most codgers I would think, is our touchstone for reality. There are younger generations who are more comfortable with virtual reality and, as you also note, folks who might value a metaverse experience as a an alternative to a world they can’t experience.

  5. jack turner says:

    Jack Turner
    “Can’t ignore it”?–I’m going to try!!–doesn’t interest me, but I’m older than the Codgers!
    I don’t plan on buying a virtual ice cream cone (?????), but I have a virtual bridge for sale at a drastically reduced price.

    1. Camp Codger says:

      I’ll buy that virtual bridge and ice cream cone with my virtual credit card. Oops, never mind. The only “real” in Mark Z’s metaverse is the money you spend buying virtual stuff. Oy! What a weird world he wants to live in.

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