Bah Humbug—Return of the Grinch

Bah Humbug, return of the Grinch, and here comes Gary Ebersole to ruin whatever Christmas joy is left. We all know that Ebenezer Scrooge says, Bah Humbug. The Grinch means Christmas is in danger. Then there’s Gary Ebersole, co-host of Camp Codger and hater of the holiday season, Christmas shopping, and pretty much everything that…

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Thanksgiving, Mortality, and Gratitude

Thanksgiving, mortality, and gratitude come together during a thoughtful hike by Gary. I’m 75 and occasionally I feel every day of my age. And, frankly, I have been feeling mortal more often lately. The day after Thanksgiving was one of those days. I was hiking up Sun Mountain, one of my favorite short but intense…

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