Bah Humbug—Return of the Grinch

Bah Humbug, return of the Grinch, and here comes Gary Ebersole to ruin whatever Christmas joy is left.

We all know that Ebenezer Scrooge says, Bah Humbug. The Grinch means Christmas is in danger. Then there’s Gary Ebersole, co-host of Camp Codger and hater of the holiday season, Christmas shopping, and pretty much everything that happens between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Is Gary the incarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge (Bah Humbug!) and the Grinch (the green character that Dr. Seuss says stole Christmas)? Well, that’s what we are led to believe in his anti-Christmas rant that begins this week’s episode of the Camp Codger podcast.

ebenezer scrooge hates Christmas

“I know I’m supposed to get into the Christmas spirit by buying thoughtful, meaningful gifts,” says Gary. “Spending hours scrolling through Amazon page after Amazon page is thoughtful shopping? I’ll give you meaningful. Here’s a gift card.”

Bah humbug, return of the Grinch indeed!

By the end of Gary’s anti-holiday-season rant, Randy Schultz (Camp Codger co-host), couldn’t take it any longer.

Saturday Night Live Strikes Again

Remember back in the mid-1970s when Saturday Night Live was a new show? Cast members Dan Aykroid and Jane Curtain did a great satire of the “Point, Counterpoint” segment on 60 Minutes. You know the one. It’s when, after Jane rants, Dan’s first words are, “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

Yep, that one.

That’s what happens after Gary gets finished with his Christmas rant. Randy looks at him and says, “Gary, you pompous, ungrateful old codger!” Then the real fireworks begin.

We won’t include all of Randy’s counter-rant here. (You’ll have to listen to the podcast episode to hear the whole thing.) But we will tell you this. Not only does he call Gary an Ebenezer Scrooge, but he tells Gary to get his butt off the couch and go out to experience the joy of the Christmas season himself.

“We live in the most amazing country at the most amazing time in history!” says Randy. “It wouldn’t hurt for you to be grateful once in a while. Anyone in Ukraine or in the Gaza Strip would trade places with you in a heartbeat.”

And then he renames his co-host Gary the Red-Nosed Codger.

bah humbug hat

Bah Humbug, Return of the Grinch, and More!

Bah humbug, it’s the return of the Grinch for sure.

Co-host Richard Kipling tries to be a peacemaker, but it’s not an easy task. It doesn’t look like Gary is going to get his “participation trophy” for once again enduring the dreaded Holiday Season. Don’t worry, Gary! You’ve got almost 11 months to brace yourself for Christmas Season 2024!

After this episode, the codgers at Camp Codger are taking a few weeks off. So, after you’ve listened to this episode, dive into the archives and listen to some episodes you missed the first time around.

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