Lifelong Learning for Seniors

Lifelong learning for seniors picks up on our conversation from last week with Toni Gattone when we discussed lifelong gardening. Age should not be a barrier for seniors whether it’s going back to school to learn a new skill or working in their gardens. In this episode, Richard and Gary explore alternatives to learning new things. They range from the formal, classroom-style education we all grew up with to the contemporary, online courses that Gary favors.

No matter what approach they choose, folks in their golden years can benefit from heading back to school. Research proves that lifelong learning for seniors improves cognitive health and classroom-based education is a good antidote to the loneliness that plagues older generations. Curious about something you heard about recently? Exercise your interest by signing up for a course at your local community college or check out the many online resources for learning. Regularly scratching that “curiosity itch” has lifelong benefits.

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