Every week, we publish another podcast episode by the old codgers. These are purely opinion pieces since we are happy to declare that we may not be experts on a subject, but we are still willing to offer our sage advice. Long or short, serious, funny, or sad, our objective is to speak from the heart about our experiences and observations of growing older. Sign up now if you want us to let you know when we have a new episode.

Y2K the Year 2000

Remember Y2K and the year 2000? It wasn’t that long ago. But you might have forgotten exactly what happed in the news that year. The co-hosts of Camp Codger,...

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Best Places to Travel—Old or New?

Are the best places to travel old or new? That’s a question many of us ask when we are choosing a vacation spot. Richard Kipling, a co-host of the...

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First Year of Camp Codger

The first year of Camp Codger is over!! A whole year delivering rocking chair wisdom to our loyal listeners Pretty cool!! This week, Randy Schultz, Richard Kipling, and Gary...

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How to Start Exercising Again

Older folks often wonder how to start exercising again. Is it beneficial to start an exercise and fitness program again? And what’s the best way to get physically fit...

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R.I.P. Sports Page

It’s RIP Sports Page as two of the biggest newspapers announce the end of the daily sports section. Remember reading every word of the newspaper sports page–in the printed...

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What Can ChatGPT Do for Seniors?

Want to know what ChatGPT can do for seniors? We had the same question. You might remember our first show about ChatGPT that we posted a few months ago....

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