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From August 2022 until early January 2024, the old codgers published a weekly podcast episode. These were purely opinion pieces since we were happy to declare that we may not have been experts on a subject, but we were still willing to offer our sage advice. Long or short, serious, funny, or sad, our objective was to speak from the heart about our experiences and observations of growing older. 

Codger Travel Trips

Codger travel trips and vacation adventures abound as the hosts of the Camp Codger podcast return from their travels. Vacation travel and adventures pulled all three of the Camp...

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How to Be Happy

Learn the Nine Secrets to How to Be Happy and Have the Best Life Possible. The “happiness study,” which is actually called the Harvard Study of Adult Development, has...

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What Happened in 1980

What happened in 1980? According to Gary, not much. But that’s not a fair measure of what happened in that year. At our age, we know all too well...

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The Golden Bachelor and Senior Dating

How a Prime Time TV show called The Golden Bachelor has brought Senior Dating into the Spotlight. If you haven’t heard about The Golden Bachelor show on ABC-TV, you...

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Seniors Love E-Bikes

Do seniors love e-bikes? If you ask Randy Schultz, Richard Kipling, and Gary Ebersole the answer is clear. Absolutely! In the last decade, the use of e-bikes for outdoor...

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Seniors and Falling

Seniors and falling is a serious health issue. Falls among the elderly can cause hip fractures, hospital visits, and even deaths among older people. That’s why it’s important to...

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